"We use environmentally friendly products, reduce waste, minimize driving, reduce energy consumption in the shop."

At Malcolm McGrath we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint.
To this end we strive to :


Use environmentally friendly materials :

  • We have switched all our paints and lacquers to "green guard" certified water based products, which cuts the amount of toxic substances used in production and also reduces off gassing for our clients homes.
  • Use wood products made in North America, which have are made from managed forests and produced with environmentally friendly glues, with low or zero amounts of toxic substances such as formaldehyde.

Reduce Waste :

  • We have developed a reusable packaging system (see YouTube video "reusable packaging for cabinet shops) which generates zero packaging waste.
  • We use local component suppliers, who because of short shipping distances also use little or zero packaging to deliver goods to our shop.
  • We recycle as much as possible and also make every effort to find a new home for old building materials rather than throw them out. For example we take old cabinets to Habitat for Humanity, or give them away

Minimize driving :

  • Malcolm McGrath commutes to the shop in the morning on a bike and the subway.
  • We encourage other workers to take public transit to shop.
  • We try to only take on projects that are no more than 10 km from our shop.
  • We use only local component suppliers, mostly from the GTA.
  • We use couriers with small and energy efficient vehicles for small material pickups.
  • On job sites we sometimes set up a tool sharing system, which enables workers and subtrades not to have to bring their own equipment to the site every day, thereby allowing them to use a smaller vehicle or public transit.
  • We only rent a large cube van when we need it.
  • We try to only use our full size van for deliveries and installations.
  • Online estimates; in many circumstances we can provide a estimate for a project based on a few simple hand drawn sketches and a digital photo of what you would like your project to look like. (You can find lots of digital photos at design websites like 'Houzz') This saves you time, and us driving around at the early stages of a project.

Reduce energy consumption in the shop :

  • In summer we don't air condition, and in winter we wear tooks "eh" and keep the heating turned to a minimum.
  • We always turn machinery off when not in use.
  • We don't use oversized machinery.
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